Make It Easy for People to Share Feedback With You

Apr 21, 2023

Every website should have some part at the (bottom|top) (left|right) corner, with a “Send feedback” button. It takes text and if you want to get fancy maybe some screenshot.

You can definitely afford that, it’s just text in a database. And you don’t need a support team for that, it’s just feedback, an advice of what would be useful for this user. That’s it, simply an advice, you can take it or ignore it, no need for any customer support*.

And after you collect that feedback, eventually analyze it. If you really worry lots of people are going to send feedback, just collect it and eventually analyze it with the latest AI tools that are getting better and better.

But let people share what they think!

(*): For people who really have a problem and want it fixed right away, yes, have other artificially difficult-to-reach part of your website to contact you, but feedback is a different story.

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